Academic Programms

At S.I.S.J.M.P. School we aim to identify and bring out innate potential and talent in every child and to nurture and develop creativity among children. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has a five tier system of educational years consisting of Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior, Middle and Senior School.

Pre Primary School

In Pre Primary School we mostly focus on providing fun filled education to the children. Moreover it’s a place where children can interact socially with other children and develop the quality of working in a group.

Primary school

For this grade we generally use Montessori’s play-way method. By this method, first students are motivated by the teachers to make concentration on the subject. By using short stories we always try to make the children,s is interest in study.

Junior school:-

Self-study is very important component of education at this stage. We always motivate the students for self-learning. This would help them to broaden their thinking level. Self-learning is more fun than regular teaching. It enables the students to build a sense of responsibility.

Middle School and Senior School

A strong well defined CBSE curriculum is taught by experienced and well trained faculty. The teaching is geared towards preparing the students for a career and children to begin exploring career options. Personality development workshops form an integral part of education at this level.