Activity Rooms

Audio Visual Room

The well-furnished Audio Visual Room has a capacity of approximately 50 students. It is also equipped with projector, state-of-the-art sound system. The A.V. Room is used for Audio Visual Study of different subjects like Science, Mathematics, and Social Science etc.

Smart Technology Lab with Smart Class Program

Teaching through Smart Class program has assumed a vital role. With galloping advancement of Information Technology, S.I.S.J.M.P.S provides its students the facility to learn through Smart Class program. It is a highly interactive computer based aid which makes lesson come alive. Through this program teachers use digital resource such as Animation Clips, Videos, Diagrams, Maps, Graphs, Working models and computer based stimulation etc. from the vast repository while teaching the chosen topic to the students to acquire a faster and a better understanding of the concepts taught.

Activity Room

Activity based learning is necessary for a child's creativity & all round development & the school provides an Activity Room to the students which is equipped activity room for audio-visual aids, art and craft, dance and other extra-cirriculam activities. The activity room encourages children to come in small groups and experience activities, interactions and any other planned activities. Students get an opportunity to be groomed while learning.

Art Room

There is an Art Room in our school, which helps the students to increase their power of imagination & creativity. From time to time, various kind of Art Competitions are arranged by the school Like-Poster Making Competition, Rangoli Competitions, Coloring competition etc.

Music room

To develop a taste for music and to inculcate love for music in the students, music room has been provided in the school. Students learn how to play musical instruments like Harmonium, tabla etc. by following the guidelines of their teacher.

Smart Class Room

Education is imparted through smart classes, school has well ventilated, well lit and spacious smart classrooms for students. It is a highly interactive computer based aid which makes learning come alive. Students are thrilled at this concept of innovative and interactive learning process which not only makes education fun but also enhances their performances.