Vision & Mission


The aim of the school is to impart all-round education – curricular and co-curricular so as to raise them to become worthy citizens of India. The school aims at disciplined students.

Empowering students to be leaders of tomorrow, exemplary human beings and true democratic citizens of India

our aim is to develop a scientific temper, reasoning and a logical mind among children to face the challenges posted by 21st century.


In order to persue its vision, the school focuses on all-round development of its students; physical, emotional, spiritual with consciousness towards social obligations and perfection in art & culture, music, dance, yoga and languages. The school also focuses on staff teaching and commitment to teaching.


“Children must be taught How to think?Not What to think?"

Rote learning is discarded at S.I.S.J.M.P School. In our school, students are directed towards independent learning and are guided to take on more responsibility. In the teaching process we always keep following points in our minds:-

  • Every child is unique.

  • Every child has infinite potential.

  • Every child is born with an innate desire to learn.

  • Every child learns best through observation.

  • Every child learns and constructs her/his own knowledge in multiple ways.